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SPE-204184 Evaluating Infill Well Performance and Frac Hit Interference Using Intervention-Based Distributed Fiber Optics
SPE-204188 Comparing and Combining Camera, Tracer and Distributed Temperature and Acoustic Sensing (DAS+DTS) for a Holistic Understanding of Stimulation and Production Performance
URTeC-2020-3274-MS Intervention Based Distributed Fiber Optics Allows for a Systematic Evaluation of Diverters, Limited Entry, and HVFR Fluids in the Northwest Stack Play
SPE-106507-MS Semi-stiff Carbon-Fiber Rod Pushed into Live Wells for Reservoir Performance Monitoring and Leakage Detection
SPE-170663-MS Data Acquisition and Processing of Carbon Rod Conveyed DTS and DAS in Very Long Horizontal Wells: First Trial in North Sea Danish Sector
SPE-194338 Validating Refrac Effectiveness with Carbon Rod Conveyed Distributed Fiber Optics in the Barnett Shale for Devon Energy
SPE-189880-MS Mining the Bakken II – Pushing the Envelope with Extreme Limited Entry Perforating
URTeC-2668789 An Integrated Study of Geophysical, Petrophysical, and Geochemical Data to Define Optimal Reservoir Development of the Avalon Shale in the Salado Draw Field, Delaware Basin, Lea County, New Mexico
URTeC-2796 Using Multidisciplinary Data Gathering to Evaluate eXtreme Limited Entry Completion Design and Improve Perforation Cluster Efficiency
EAGE 1st Fiber Optic Workshop Amsterdam Abstract 26, DAS Energy Calibration Applied to Multi-Rate Injection Profiling in a Horizontal Water Injector


SPE 212889-MS  For Permanent Plug and Abandon Operations, There is No Acceptable Level of Leakage. Can a Noise Tool be Used to Define No Leakage?
SPE 210690-MS  Cost Effective Plug And Abandonment Operations Through Acoustics Based Hydraulic Isolation Diagnostics
SPE 210299-MS  A Subsea Multilateral Oil Producer, Completed with AICD Sand Screens and Selective Inflow Valves is Evaluated by Combined Acoustic and PL Tools, Identifying the Sand Producing Branch and a Tubing Leak in a Single Operation
SPE 209030-MS  Complete Analysis of a Complex Sand Screen Completion in a Single Run in Hole is Enabled by Combination of Novel Passive Acoustic Tools with Conventional PLT and Caliper Techniques
SPE 194291-MS  A New Approach To Cement Evaluation Using Passive Acoustic Methods Directly Analyses The Performance Of The Barrier By Detecting Leakage Rather Than Its Physical Presence And Apparent Condition


SPE 212322-MS Combined Video and Ultrasonic Measurements for Fracture Diagnostics – Greater Than the Sum of the Parts
SPE 194258-MS  Phased Array Ultrasonic Tools Provide Precise Measurement of Geometrically Complex Components Such as Nipple Profiles Downhole, Confirming Safety Critical Dimensions
SPE 189947-MS  Utilizing Ultrasonic Imaging Technology to Evaluate a Lateral Entry Module


SPE 212917-MS Carbon Composite Technologies Combine with the Latest High Performance Downhole Tractor to Gather Production Data from Deeper than Ever Before, Logging 32 Compartments Over 25,000ft Horizontally to a Total Depth of 40,600ft
SPE 211666-MS Using the Properties of Carbon Composite Rod to Decrease the Uncertainty of Along Hole Depth Measurement, Leading to Increased Confidence in Field Wide Geological Models and Well Placement.
SPE 197926-MS Carbon Composite Rod Deployment System Enables Surveillance and Intervention Operations in Extended Reach, Maximum Reservoir Contact Wells that were Previously Inaccessible
SPE 194268-MS Leveraging The Unique Properties Of A Carbon Composite Rod Deployment System To Push The Boundaries Of Perforation Procedures, Bringing Time And Cost Savings To Standard Operations As Well As Allowing New Techniques When Compared To Conventional Wireline