Ziebel brings fiber optic technology to any well

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DTS applications:
Leak detection, overburden integrity, water ingress identification, flow allocation.

DAS applications:
Fluid movement visualisation/detection: into or out of reservoir, flow behind pipe, cross-flow, tubing leaks, flow pattern recognition, stimulation fluid monitoring (acid & scale inhibitor), frac monitoring, gas lift optimization.

DTS & DAS are complementary and improve understanding of well and reservoir behaviour well beyond where conventional methods can take you.


Applications and Case Studies

Flow Identification:             Gas Breakthrough in Horizontal Oil Producer
Flow Identification:              Water Breakthrough in Horizontal Oil Producer
Production Optimization:    Tuning the Gas Lift
Well Integrity:                      Deep Gas Leak in Annulus A

Sand Detection:                  Sand Detection

Stimulation Monitoring:       Real-Time Stimulation Monitoring

Fiber optic cables carried within a composite carbon rod or line enable sensing capability to provide a real-time view of the temperature profile and the acoustic activity right across the entire well with Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). Point pressure, temperature and vibration measurements are also made from optic sensors at the bottom end of the rod.

Additional conventional memory sensors can be attached below the rod and conveyed to obtain further information from the well. Real time video can also be streamed to surface by the addition of a camera to the end of the rod.
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