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Ziebel's innovative new DFO intervention system builds on the proven Z-System to deliver quality data by gravity deploying a 4.8mm diameter composite carbon line safely into a producing or injecting well



  • Exceptional strength to weight ratio
  • Reduced tubing wear
  • Superior Reach
  • Minimal choking effect on the well – see how the well actually behaves
  • Small invasive presence at wellsite
  • No grease injection required for pressure control
  • Acquire data from any well irrespective of there being a permanent fibre
  • Enhanced acoustic coupling compared to braided line/CT etc.



  • Well Integrity
  • P&A strategy
  • Gas Lift optimization
  • .........................and more



z-line spec

Main Components

The Z-Line® drop-in equipment package is run with the same standard surface equipment as a Slickline or Wireline; that is: Winch Control Cabin (or WCC), Add-on-Drum unit (or AOD), BOP Control Unit (or BCU), Well Control Unit (or WCU), and a Mast unit.

Standard Pressure Control Equipment (i.e. BOP and Stuffing Box) with seals qualified for the Z-Line® complete the list of surface equipment required for the job; however, no grease injection is needed making the Z-Line® operation much more efficient than a Wireline oepraton.

Requiring no more than a standard wireline spread, the Z-Line® enables sensing the entire zone of interest instantaneously, compared to conventional logging methods where the tools give point-measurements, at one discrete depth, at any one time  
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