Stimulation Monitoring


Ziebel’s Z-system provides detailed information on where pumped fluids have actually gone in the wellbore. Whether it is a water injector, a CO2 injection, a fracked well, or an acid stimulation, Z-system can tell you how much fluid has gone where.

For water injectors DAS and DTS will not only enable you to determine which zones are taking fluid but also to ensure that there is no out of zone injection. Changing injection rates can be used to monitor dynamic behavior including the opening and closing of fracture systems. Z-system is also ideally suited to CO2 injectors due to the carbon composite rods immunity to acid and CO2.Similarly the rod can be used to monitor acid placement during a bull headed acid job. Real time monitoring allows active use of diverters to optimize acid effectiveness. The rod has been tested in 28% HCL for 24 hours with no impact.

In unconventional wells DTS is used to determine where the frac fluid went and with a temperature baseline the volumes taken by each cluster can be calculated. For refracs the Z-system provides the data to understand what is happening and optimize the refrac process.