SPE-204184 Evaluating Infill Well Performance and Frac Hit Interference Using Intervention Based Distributed Fiber Optics

SPE-204188 Comparing and Combining Camera, Tracer and Distributed Temperature and Acoustic Sensing (DAS+DTS) for a Holistic Understanding of Stimulation and Production Performance.

URTeC-2020-3274-MS Intervention Based Distributed Fiber Optics Allows for a Systematic Evaluation of Diverters, Limited Entry, and HVFR Fluids in the Northwest Stack Play.

SPE-106507-MS Semi-stiff Carbon-Fiber Rod Pushed into Live Wells for Reservoir Performance Monitoring and Leakage Detection.

SPE-170663-MS Data Acquisition and Processing of Carbon Rod Conveyed DTS and DAS in Very Long Horizontal Wells: First Trial in North Sea Danish Sector.

SPE-194338 Validating Refrac Effectiveness with Carbon Rod Conveyed Distributed Fiber Optics in the Barnett Shale for Devon Energy

SPE-189880-MS Mining the Bakken II – Pushing the Envelope with Extreme Limited Entry Perforating

URTeC-2668789 An Integrated Study of Geophysical, Petrophysical, and Geochemical Data to Define Optimal Reservoir Development of the Avalon Shale in the Salado Draw Field, Delaware Basin, Lea County, New Mexico

URTeC-2796 Using Multidisciplinary Data Gathering to Evaluate eXtreme Limited Entry Completion Design and Improve Perforation Cluster Efficiency

EAGE 1st Fiber Optic Workshop Amsterdam: Abstract 26, DAS Energy Calibration Applied to Multi-Rate Injection Profiling in a Horizontal Water Injector