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The shale learning cycle gets shorter with Ziebel
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Ziebel with Sensornet to launch new downhole fiber optic logging method
The Norwegian based wellbore technology and service company Ziebel AS and Sensornet Ltd., a UK based leading edge manufacturer and installer of fibre optic Distributed Sensing systems (Temperature - DTS & Temperature & Strain - DTSS) announced today that they have combined resources to bring a new disruptive DTS fibre optic well logging system to the market by January 2007.
The new system will consist of a semi-stiff carbon rod having fibre optic cables implemented that can be pushed into live wells, where minute temperature changes can be monitored with high accuracy and resolution in real time – along the entire length of the rod every 1m. This tool will be able to go into high deviation wells without the need for a well “tractor”, while opening up new interpretation capabilities and increased understanding of the reservoir and production. It will also require fewer personnel on the rig, as well as being quicker to rig up, than competing methods like wireline and coiled tubing.
The ZipLog (“FibreRod”) can be used for flow allocation monitoring, injection profiling, fluid/gas contact levels, leakage detection and monitoring as well as a number of other applications where the detection and monitoring of small or larger changes in the temperature result in increased understanding.

Sensornet is providing and installing DTS systems in a number of wellbore applications, in the Middle East and North America, and is recognized as a leader in the field of Fibre Optic Distributed Sensing technology. The company was established in 1998, and received major investment in 2002. Today, Sensornet has established operational hubs to provide effective local support in key markets. The company also provides fibre optic systems for non-wellbore applications, such as flexible riser and umbilical fatigue monitoring..

Ziebel AS, with offices in Stavanger, Aberdeen, Houston and Jakarta was established in January 2006 and aims to grow through the acquisition of innovative small companies and the development of proprietary technologies. Also, Ziebel will grow its business through close and open alliances with leading technology companies, like Sensornet.
The company’s focus is on production optimization by offering products and services in the data monitoring, completions, artificial lift and wellbore intervention areas. Ziebel AS have very ambitious growth plans and is currently examining other suitable companies and technologies able to contribute to Ziebel’s intention of being a global, innovative production optimization company.

“Ziebel are quickly establishing themselves as a company that will provide a new level of technology and service provision. The combined strengths of Ziebel and Sensornet will ensure that our customers receive the best available service with total satisfaction – nurturing long term relationships with our customers is our aim.” said Neale Carter, Chief Executive Officer of Sensornet.

Business Development Manager of Ziebel, Henning Hansen said: “I have known Sensornet since the very early days and have worked with them and witnessed their transformation into the leading Oil & Gas fibre optic distributed sensing company they are today. Customers and competitors alike view Sensornet as the leading knowledge - and capability company in distributed temperature sensing, and I know we can bring out the technology and service, together with Sensornet, that will have a positive effect for our clients. We look forward with great enthusiasm to working closely with Sensornet, and know our customers see this as a great team significantly improving and optimizing their well surveillance and reservoir understanding.”

Further enquiries:

Ziebel AS:
David Ottesen
+47 9549 5040
Sensornet Ltd.:

Neale Carter
+44 7786 628472


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• Widely recognized value add of real time well and recervoir data gathering by optical fibers

• Strong revenue growth in 2013
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