Ziebel presents at inaugural SPE Summit Series Seminar in Aberdeen

July 11, 2018

The first seminar of this series, “Inwell flow surveillance and control: new frontiers” took place on Tuesday 22nd October, 2013, at the Marcliffe Hotel in Aberdeen. Frode Hveding, VP Reservoir, presented the paper “Fibre optic developments enable intelligent real-time decision making” for Ziebel, in which the main focus was how we potentially can replace traditional production logging techniques with the Z-System®.

In addition, there was discussion on the need for the industry to agree on a standard on DTS and DAS data formats, and a preview of future developments, such as quantification of DAS to enable real-time flow allocation.

The seminar was well attended (over 100 delegates) with many operators taking part. Saudi Aramco chaired the seminar, delivered the keynote address, and was the principal sponsor of the event. Photographs of Frode Hveding at the event are shown above and below.