Ziebel makes carbon fiber optic line history

July 11, 2018

At the end of January 2015, for the first time ever in the oil industry, a gravity deployed slim carbon composite line was used to acquire meaningful DTS and DAS data during a commercial well intervention.

The Z-Line® made its maiden run for a major North Sea operator in the Norwegian sector, accessing a platform well to a depth of close to 10,000ft with standard wireline-type gravity deployment and with dry sealing pressure control equipment (no grease injection).  All the line’s mechanical requirements were tested successfully and it enabled the acquisition of quality Distributed Fiber Optic (DFO) data for the customer.  This notable success marks the culmination of a thorough process of development and testing by Ziebel’s team, and proves the system functions as intended in an actual live pressured well environment.  The service is now available to all operators following this commercial launch.