SPE Canada Unconventional Resources Conference
Calgary, 13-14 March 2018
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The shale learning cycle gets shorter with Ziebel
Media coverage in "Sensing a trend" article
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SPE DFO Workshop in Denver 29-31 August 2017
Ziebel to present paper on results obtained in unconventionals 
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Ziebel makes carbon fiber optic line history
At the end of January 2015, for the first time ever in the oil industry, a gravity deployed slim carbon composite line was used to acquire meaningful DTS and DAS data during a commercial well intervention.
The Z-Line® made its maiden run for a major North Sea operator in the Norwegian sector, accessing a platform well to a depth of close to 10,000ft with standard wireline-type gravity deployment and with dry sealing pressure control equipment (no grease injection).  All the line’s mechanical requirements were tested successfully and it enabled the acquisition of quality Distributed Fiber Optic (DFO) data for the customer.  This notable success marks the culmination of a thorough process of development and testing by Ziebel’s team, and proves the system functions as intended in an actual live pressured well environment.  The service is now available to all operators following this commercial launch.


ICoTA Europe Innovation Award 2015
Z-Line® nominated for ICoTA's 2015 European Innovation Award
Oilfield Service Award: New Venture of the Year


• Z-system launched in 2011/2012, qualified and used extensively by oil majors in the North Sea

• Widely recognized value add of real time well and recervoir data gathering by optical fibers

• Strong revenue growth in 2013
World Oil 2012 
Best Intervention Award
ONS 2012 SME Innovation Award
ziebel-icota-2010SPE / ICoTA Coiled Tubing and Well Intervention Conference & Exhibition in 
Woodlands Texas 
24. March 2010.
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