Welcome to our new website and a new era for Ziebel

July 11, 2018
It is with great enthusiasm I am writing this update about Ziebel. We are marking the 2012 leap day by releasing our new website. This new design is meant to illustrate optical sensing and interpretation.
We are now truly moving towards becoming a well focused company and with this becoming the experts in acquiring, processing and analyzing distributed fiber optic data.
With the domain secured we hope to show that we are serious about what we do.

There is a lot of positive things going on in the company, we are currently mobilized offshore and about to deliver DAS data to a customer in Abu Dhabi, while discussing possibilities with other clients.

There is a great drive in the organization focusing on service quality these days. We are delivering good data and focusing our energy on developing strong relationships with our customers.
With the cooperation between Operations, Reservoir Applications and Engineering we can reach far with our exciting Z-System and the multiple potential applications our customers bring to the table nearly weekly.

While attending to all the exciting things happening, we will continue to stay focused on and in line with our mission To be the world leaders in well intervention data acquisition and interpretation using fiber optic technologies.

I wish you all a safe and exciting Spring.

Stig Hognestad, CEO