Unconventionals update

July 11, 2018

Drilling Contractor magazine features Ziebel with new intervention technologies

The enhanced data acquisition capabilities of Ziebel's Z-Rod® enable Operators to more fully understand how their unconventional reservoirs behave during production.  The merits of the work we are doing in this area were recently commented on by Drilling Contractor in the second part of the article "Data acquisition capabilities, durability enhanced in new crop of coiled-tubing, intervention tools", which appears in the March/April edition of the magazine.  To view online, follow this link

In addition to flow profiling in producing horizontals, other recent work by Ziebel on US land has included two diagnostic surveys to investigate completion issues during and post-frac.  The first was to determine the exact location of suspected prematurely opened or partially opened sliding sleeve(s) midway through the frac sequence, and the second was to confirm whether there was evidence of unopened sliding sleeves in a well that did not flow as expected.  In both cases the DAS/DTS combination measurement was able to provide conclusive results to help the Operators in their decision processes.