New Trailer Mounted Z-System now operational in the US

July 11, 2018

Ziebel launches its mobile unit with an Open Day for Operators on March 26th

The new, integrated unit was displayed and operated in a test well as a demonstration to representatives from three Operator organizations at Kilgore, Texas, on March 26th.  After a short technical presentation and a safety briefing, those in attendance got to inspect first-hand the features of the unit and to see it in operation.  The unit carries 20,000ft of 5/8” diameter composite carbon rod, which can be snubbed into producing wells and measures Distributed Temperature and Distributed Acoustics over the full length of the carbon rod, plus point Pressure and point Temperature at the bottom end.  The semi-stiff carbon rod can be pushed out for over 6000ft of reach into horizontal well sections.
The first commercial job for the unit is lined up to happen in mid-April, and we expect many more to follow in Q2 and Q3, as the list of candidate wells grows.