Extended reach operations are here

March 19, 2019

Extended reach operations with Z-system are now here.  Ziebel’s EOZ technology enables the powering of industry standard tractors on our carbon composite rod, deploying distributed fiber optic sensing along the full length of the lateral. 

In an unconventional well in the Bakken, Ziebel’s EOZ rod was successful deployed to a depth of 19,431 feet, at a distance of 8,660 feet along the lateral without issue.  The EOZ rod not only powers the tractor but also enables communication with standard wireline telemetry.  The low co-efficient of friction and light weight of the rod results in low pulling forces being required for extended reach operations while the high tensile strength of the rod, over 20 tonnes, ensures that the tractor can be recovered whatever the situation.

Both of Ziebel’s North American units will shortly be deployed with this ground-breaking technology meaning questions such as toe versus heel production, parent / child interaction, and the impacts of formation changes along the whole lateral are added to the suite of answers that Ziebel can provide for well evaluation.