The ILLUMINATOR Answer Product Family combines data from distributed fiber optics (including Z-Rod) and point sensors measurements including, but not limited to, Distributed Acoustics, Distributed Temperature, pressure, accelerometer, as well as other mechanical and electrical sensors to identify and describe subsurface interactions and features. These results are proprietarily processed, analyzed, and displayed digitally and on hard copies.   

Flow ILLUMINATOR provides stage and cluster level performance which enables you to evaluate the details of production contribution as well as aiding in optimization designs.

Frac ILLUMINATOR provides Real-time strain events which allows for the detection of Fracture Derived Interactions (FDIs). These FDIs are used to map stage and cluster level stimulation properties in order to mitigate risk and maximize reservoir contact.

Stim ILLUMINATOR provides evaluation of Hydraulic Fracture Treatment Uniformity in order to evaluate potential areas of over and under Stimulation and best practices.

Leak ILLUMINATOR provides a continuous Well Integrity map in order to pinpoint well pressure barrier issues.

Inject ILLUMINATOR provides Injectivity Uniformity Evaluation in order to identify and quantify levels of contribution into formations along the Injection Profile.