Flow Allocation


With the ability to see all the well, all the time Ziebel’s Z-system is ideally suited to flow allocation in horizontal or complex production logging scenarios. With its 0.6” OD the Z-system can be run through tubing with the well flowing with no impact on the flow characteristics. Non-uniform dynamic flow such as slugging or fall back can be easily identified.

In horizontal unconventional wells Z-system uses an integrated DAS and DTS approach to quantify flow rates at levels down to a few barrels per day. DAS provides a visual, qualitative identification of cluster flow and is used to constrain the DTS temperature model which in turn quantifies the flow from each zone.

For conventional wells the same principles apply with Z-system ideally suited to complex wells or wells with restrictions which prevent wireline production logging.

The Z-system bottom hole assembly can be as small as 1” OD and contains point pressure and temperature sensors plus an accelerometer and CCL for depth control. Fiber-optic telemetry transmits these sensors to surface in real time.