Water Breakthrough in Horizontal Oil Producer

Production enhanced by successfully acquiring otherwise unobtainable data

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A North Sea horizontal oil producer, supported by both gas lift and water injection had started producing water. Restrictions in the wellbore meant that wireline tools would not enter


  • Z-System entered the well without seeing the restriction
  • Water producing zone identified.
  • Deferred production time reduced to 3 hours.
  • Contributing perforated zones identified. 


  • Identify source of water ingress
  • Access wellbore (through restriction)
  • Reduce deferred production
  • Identify contributing perforations


The Ziebel modular electric surface unit safely lowered the sensing rod into the borehole and successfully entered the restricted section of the well. The well was shut in for a minimal amount of time to allow access and then production re-established while the rod was injected into the well. The sensing rod was parked in the wellbore during acquisition. After an initial short period of data acquisition, the injection rate was doubled in the supporting well. The DTS clearly identified the zone of water production and provided valuable information about the temporal connection between the wells. Simultaneous acquisition of the DAS data provided further information about production and clearly demonstrated which perforated zones contributed to the production. See central column in the image above. 

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