About Ziebel

Ziebel is a multicultural group of innovative people with proven experience building business around new technologies.

Our strongest asset is our people and we strive to create a good environment for our people to develop fiber optic intervention technology and the expertise of tomorrow. Our Game changing carbon rod with fiber optic intervention technology that we call the Z-System® is currently our main service offering, but we do not stand still.

The Ziebel group is now around 40 employees worldwide, with offices and operations in Stavanger and Houston.

Ziebel´s values


The attitude and behaviour of 
generously sharing one’s capabilities


Doing the right thing 
even if nobody is watching


Putting the Ziebel team first


Deliver right quality every time


Challenge the status quo 
and seeking better solutions

Career in Ziebel

In a young and innovative company like Ziebel you get the opportunity to work across competence boundaries. We have a lot of knowledge in-house and we are happy to share with one another. 
Our environment is set up so that you are able to discover and develop your potential. Everyday work is characterised by the cutting edge technology we work with, which means that we pave the way as we go – the best is that you can play a part in deciding where the road will end.

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Ziebel was founded in Stavanger Norway on January 2nd 2006.

The company’s vision was and still is to become a significant contributor to increased recovery through innovative technology and solutions.

The strategy was to organically and through acquisitions grow a global technology and service provider.

Ziebel has been through a significant restructuring and the focus today in on innovative well intervention using the Z-System®, and in particular on our unique expertise in interpreting the combination of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS).


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Optical sensing will be our industry's preferred method for obtaining the downhole information required for optimal well and reservoir management.
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