About Ziebel


Ziebel is a unique technology company focused on providing high value measurements to oil and gas companies, allowing them to improve reservoir recovery factors.

We use innovative deployment methods to deploy distributed fiber optic measurements into the wellbore, thus imaging all the well, all the time. Rapid, user friendly answer products then enable operators to make critical decisions.

We combine our unique technology, a 22,000’ carbon composite rod, with proprietary answer products based on distributed fiber optic temperature and acoustic measurements.

Our technology is particularly applicable to horizontal unconventional wells. If you are interested in answering any of these questions then Ziebel is the company to speak to:

  • Does the heel perform better than the toe?
  • Are 3, 5 or 7 stage clusters better?
  • What should be the cluster spacing?
  • How effective is pumping a diverter?
  • Are wells interconnecting?
  • Where is the interconnectivity happening?
  • How does the flow performance along the well vary with time?


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